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 I now know why seeing people overcome… moves me to tears. It’s because that’s exactly what I did. OVERCOME. For me it was a low self-image, I had to learn to believe in myself and my potential.

 photoGrowing up, I wasn’t good-looking and my brother, who was a year older was Mr. GQ himself! He was quite the looker and did all that he could to fit the part. He was always well dressed in the latest fashion and knew how to pour on the charm… I, on the other hand, was short, fat, and could hardly find clothes to fit much less be in style. I had a big chip on my front tooth, parted my hair in the center resulting in two big puffs of hair.

People, including my family, often made fun of me and called me names like, Stumbo or King Tubby or Platunk. (This came from the big noise and waves that formed whenever I jumped into the pool).

 This bothered me a lot especially at the age when I started liking girls. Whenever my brother and friends got together they would talk about their exploits with girls and I had nothing to talk about.

 Later in life my parents were surprised to hear about how I struggled with this because they raised me in a stable home filled with love. They didn’t know how much what other people thought, said and did had affected me.

 When I came to know God and discovered who and whose I was, things started to change. My image improved when I learned how much God loves and believes in me. Its been a process of letting go of my limiting beliefs and relying on His belief in me and though I have come a long way… I am still a work in progress…

 Do you realize how special you really are? Do you realize that no one else is quite like you? You have amazing capabilities!

  People who overcome, dig deep within and discover how special they really are and how much they have to offer. They get rid of their limiting beliefs and muster up the courage to be who they are and not allow fear or what others think to get in the way. They work hard to discover and develop their strengths, passion and purpose.

Paul Martinelli said, “When you doubt your power you give power to your doubt.”