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May 28, 2013 — 2 Comments

Being thankful every day for what you have is a mind altering experience.  Try this quick and easy exercise every day.  Wake up and immediately say what you are grateful for.  It could be as simple as another day on earth or your feet touching the ground. The ability to breathe… or you could get more involved – and be grateful for a specific person, condition, thing, whatever it is in your life that you are grateful for. 

GratitudeThere are half full and half empty people all around us.  The half full group has their glass filled with gratitude.  Gratitude is one of those emotions that can increase wellbeing and happiness among those who deliberately create it.  Gratitude can also increase energy, optimism and empathy; all characteristics of positive happy people.

Imagine being aware of all the good things that surround you.  Imagine how much easier it would be to handle diversity and opposition when you have this upbeat attitude?  Imagine having a purpose in life, an appreciation for those around you, and a willingness to take action to show your feeling of gratitude. 

Those are the ingredients to a more fulfilled and balanced life. Focus on the big and the small things to show your gratitude.  You will find that as you express this new attitude, you will emit a positive energy or aura that will attract into your life exactly what you need to proceed and succeed. 

Gratitude is a state of mind that we all have access to.  It takes practice and with practice, it reaps great benefits.

What are you grateful for today?


A good friend and mentor, Jim Ross, often reminds me that there is a lot more good than bad, happening in our lives. He encourages others to take stock of this in their own lives, convinced that they will arrive at the same conclusion.  Those who do this exercise usually agree and acknowledge, that in our culture, we tend to take things for granted!

Things like a roof over our head, a bed to sleep in, running water to wash our face and brush our teeth with when we wake up in the morning (yes, we even take waking up for granted). 

Journalist and etiquette book author, Amy Vanderbilt, said, “When we learn to give thanks, we are learning to concentrate not on the bad things, but on the good things in our lives.” Best selling author, John Maxwell, wrote, “Thinking about the good things helps us to be grateful. Remaining grateful helps us to have a more positive attitude. And having a positive attitude prompts us to think about the good rather than the bad. It’s a positive cycle that helps to fuel itself.

This thought transformed a staff meeting at my office (as well as subsequent and various other types of meetings) when we went around the room and asked everybody to share what they were most grateful for. It was inspiring and transforming as people’s attitudes soared!

It was a great day at Robin Lewis Insurance! And it happened because we asked people to think about and share the good things.

This thanksgiving season let us reflect on and share with each other the good things happening in our lives. This will encourage and help us to be grateful which in turn leads us to have a more positive attitude which prompts us to think about the good rather than the bad. And the cycle continues! This gives us a winning edge, regardless of the circumstances or the tasks at hand.

For what are you most grateful? Please click on comments below to reply.


Some day I will…

October 2, 2009 — 9 Comments

Have you ever thought that some day you are going to be faced with and overcome some great challenge and be the hero?  I have… maybe I would be seriously injured in a major accident or develop a serious illness or disease or  something like that.  It would be my opportunity to be the hero and display my strong faith, positive attitude and perseverance.  People would look to me and say, wow!  Surely if he can pull through that, then I too can overcome any challenge.  I dream of one day becoming such a great success, that family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others in the community will be proud of and want to follow me.  I would be their example and hero.

While praying the other day I suddenly became aware of something.  In the midst of the struggles that we now face, with income dropping significantly over the past three years and having to make some tough business decisions, trying to position the company to not just be around but to improve our impact in the community.  And to live out our vision: Together we achieve, protect and strengthen the world. 

I suddenly realized that today is that some day.  While I have not had any serious injury, disease or illness today I do have the opportunity to display my faith and positive attitude and the opportunity to persevere.  If I cannot display these characteristics now, how will I, in the midst of some real struggle.  Not to minimize our struggles, but I am sure you will agree, if it’s a financial struggle we can overcome it… the truth is there is hope in all circumstances.  Especially for those who believe in God and His promises to renew our strength and always be with us.  It’s how we approach it that counts.

Be the hero, do the right thing today.  Display the right attitude today.  Dream big today.  Expect to and overcome whatever it is you are faced with today.  You will succeed and people will be proud of and want to follow you.

You can do it… today!