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 I now know why seeing people overcome… moves me to tears. It’s because that’s exactly what I did. OVERCOME. For me it was a low self-image, I had to learn to believe in myself and my potential.

 photoGrowing up, I wasn’t good-looking and my brother, who was a year older was Mr. GQ himself! He was quite the looker and did all that he could to fit the part. He was always well dressed in the latest fashion and knew how to pour on the charm… I, on the other hand, was short, fat, and could hardly find clothes to fit much less be in style. I had a big chip on my front tooth, parted my hair in the center resulting in two big puffs of hair.

People, including my family, often made fun of me and called me names like, Stumbo or King Tubby or Platunk. (This came from the big noise and waves that formed whenever I jumped into the pool).

 This bothered me a lot especially at the age when I started liking girls. Whenever my brother and friends got together they would talk about their exploits with girls and I had nothing to talk about.

 Later in life my parents were surprised to hear about how I struggled with this because they raised me in a stable home filled with love. They didn’t know how much what other people thought, said and did had affected me.

 When I came to know God and discovered who and whose I was, things started to change. My image improved when I learned how much God loves and believes in me. Its been a process of letting go of my limiting beliefs and relying on His belief in me and though I have come a long way… I am still a work in progress…

 Do you realize how special you really are? Do you realize that no one else is quite like you? You have amazing capabilities!

  People who overcome, dig deep within and discover how special they really are and how much they have to offer. They get rid of their limiting beliefs and muster up the courage to be who they are and not allow fear or what others think to get in the way. They work hard to discover and develop their strengths, passion and purpose.

Paul Martinelli said, “When you doubt your power you give power to your doubt.”

As you pursue your dreams, you are going to have obstacles and challenges. How you handle them makes all the difference. 


Here are 6 thoughts on how to handle crisis: 

Expect them. You’re either in the middle of a crisis, just came through one or are about to head into one. That’s just the way it is. Overcoming crisis is required for success. 

A positive attitude is the difference maker. According to Zig Ziglar, “An optimist is someone who goes after Moby Dick in a row-boat and takes the tartar sauce with him.” Don’t be intimidated by it, attack it with whatever you have, even when what you have doesn’t appear to be adequate. 

Place your focus on the potential added value that overcoming the challenge brings, rather than on the challenge itself. Often times your greatest opportunities come disguised as your greatest challenge. 

Lead by example as you go through the crisis. People will watch and follow your lead. And after you get through it, become a guide to those who face similar challenges. John Maxwell says it best, “Leaders know the way, go the way and show the way.”  

Envision and experience victory before you actually achieve it. While facing crisis, do your best to taste and experience the feeling of victory even before you are victorious. Experience the joy and satisfaction and sense of purpose that you will feel as a result of persevering to the end. Remember champions aren’t made in the ring, they are revealed there. 

Stay connected to your why and allow the crisis to shape you into becoming the person capable of accomplishing your dreams.  

A family cruise taken a few years ago was not a major crisis but the challenges we faced provide for a good illustration. One of the ports, Ocho Rios, gave us the opportunity to visit my brother, Andrew who lived there at the time. We had arranged for him to pick us up at the pier and after waiting for almost two hours under the hot sun, we were sweaty, worried and agitated, he finally showed up. He planned on taking us to Dunn’s River Falls, a popular destination, but because of time constraints he decided to take us to a supposedly similar private beach. Everybody was disappointed because we were looking forward to climbing the famous falls. 

It was worth it

To get to this beach was quite the event, we had to walk thru an open field under the blistering sun, carefully climb through a hole in a barbed wired fence, walk through a cow pasture and come across a man with a machete, who we were sure was coming after us for trespassing. We were ready to give up but Andrew kept pointing us to our destination and telling us that it would be worth it and encouraged us to hang in there.

After walking for what seemed to be miles we finally arrived at our destination and WOW, it was breath-taking! It was a smaller version of Dunn’s River Falls without the crowd. In fact we had it all to ourselves, the refreshing, cool river rushing down to join the warm, crystal-clear ocean, surrounded by mountains, colorful trees and shrubs. Andrew knew that all the hassle, walking, climbing and sweating would be worth it and he was right! It turned out to be an amazing day that we will never forget. 

Obstacles can make the victory sweeter, it’s your choice.

Some day I will…

October 2, 2009 — 9 Comments

Have you ever thought that some day you are going to be faced with and overcome some great challenge and be the hero?  I have… maybe I would be seriously injured in a major accident or develop a serious illness or disease or  something like that.  It would be my opportunity to be the hero and display my strong faith, positive attitude and perseverance.  People would look to me and say, wow!  Surely if he can pull through that, then I too can overcome any challenge.  I dream of one day becoming such a great success, that family, friends, co-workers, business associates and others in the community will be proud of and want to follow me.  I would be their example and hero.

While praying the other day I suddenly became aware of something.  In the midst of the struggles that we now face, with income dropping significantly over the past three years and having to make some tough business decisions, trying to position the company to not just be around but to improve our impact in the community.  And to live out our vision: Together we achieve, protect and strengthen the world. 

I suddenly realized that today is that some day.  While I have not had any serious injury, disease or illness today I do have the opportunity to display my faith and positive attitude and the opportunity to persevere.  If I cannot display these characteristics now, how will I, in the midst of some real struggle.  Not to minimize our struggles, but I am sure you will agree, if it’s a financial struggle we can overcome it… the truth is there is hope in all circumstances.  Especially for those who believe in God and His promises to renew our strength and always be with us.  It’s how we approach it that counts.

Be the hero, do the right thing today.  Display the right attitude today.  Dream big today.  Expect to and overcome whatever it is you are faced with today.  You will succeed and people will be proud of and want to follow you.

You can do it… today!