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It is essential to have an attitude of believing the best in others.


The self-fulfilling prophecy refers to the idea that when someone creates a belief in something that is not yet true, and expects it with certainty, it will become true.  With people, this suggests that as we communicate our expectations, they will conform and deliver the appropriate results.

When working with people, this is critical.  When you express a lack of confidence in someone, it is returned with mediocrity, however if you believe in them and expect them to do well, research has shown that they will live up to that expectation.

What we expect, all too often, is exactly what we get.

Here are the four key principles of the self-fulfilling prophecy:

  1. We form certain expectations, or beliefs, of people or events based on our own perceptions and experiences.
  2. We communicate those expectations through our behaviors.
  3. People generally respond by adjusting their behavior to match.
  4. The result is that the original expectation becomes reality.

Based on these principles, we can conclude that the expectations leaders place on their team determines the quality of the teams’ output. A study of 100 self-made millionaires has shown that the most common characteristic in the group was the desire and ability to see the good in others. They were people builders, not critics. They empowered and supported their team to be their very best through positive means. 

Believing the best in people is a critical piece of building successful viable relationships.


I was inspired to write this based on a lesson that I recently heard from Paul Martinelli and a short story that I read in the bible.

Leaders, how can you expect others to follow if you’re not following yourself?

There is a fundamental question that is answered by the life that you are living, and the question is, what do you believe?

Do you believe in God? What do you believe about Him? Do you believe in yourself, your dreams and your potential? Do you believe?

What do you believe?

What do you believe

If you are trying to convince me about God, do you really believe in Him? What you believe about Him will show in your actions.

If you are trying to convince me to believe in myself, do you believe in yourself? Do you really believe in me? Again your actions will show what you truly believe. If you are trying to convince me to buy your product, do you believe in your product? Do you use your own product? Do you really believe that it will benefit me?

Everyday your beliefs are being tested… And what you really believe is displayed by the life that you are living.

So the question to ask yourself is, what do you really believe and why?

On a recent trip to Cuiaba, Brazil I was given the opportunity to share a few thoughts with the Comec Leadership an organization of 200 or more pastors and leaders from different denominations.  We were worshipping the Lord in song prior to the general session.  Sitting beside me was my translator, Nayla.  She is a pre-law student who loves the Lord so deeply.  Nayla whispered that she would like to stand in an act of worship, but was hesitant because others were sitting.  I agreed, and without lingering on the thought, “What if”, we both stood.  Worshipping the Lord with eyes closed, arms raised and our hearts on Him, we realized in just a few minutes that almost everyone else was standing in worship as well. 

 It was encouraging for me to see that this one small act of love; honor and worship helped and encouraged others.  We were leaders that day without even saying a word.  It reminded me of a simple truth that I came across in the highly recommended book, Tribes, by Seth Godin. “The secret of leadership is simple:  Do what you believe in.  Paint a picture of the future.  Go there.  People will follow.” 

 What do you believe in?  What picture are you painting?  Where are you going?

Bring It

June 28, 2009 — 9 Comments

Recently I’ve been encouraging others to, “bring it.”  And I would like to encourage you to step up to the plate, gut it up, and volunteer your potential.Bring It

On what basis? 

  1. You are special: Created with a unique combination of passion, talents, personality and experience.    There is no one just like you.  Bring your uniqueness!
  2. People depend on you: If you don’t bring it, they will miss out.  Bring it for your family, your friends, coworkers, and customers, maybe that person living on the other side of the world whom you don’t even know.  Bring it for them!
  3. Success doesn’t jump up and grab you: You have to be intentional. Invest in yourself, discover, develop, learn, grow and change.  Like the diamond has to be polished, you have to think, act and feel differently. Bring it out! 
  4. It requires courage: Fear and discouragement may paralyze or hold you back.  We have to stare them in the face, be strong and courageous and bring it! 
  5. All of us want our lives to count for something, to make a difference!

When we bring our full potential, we all win. Together we strengthen the world. 

We need you!