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May 19, 2017 — Leave a comment

“You can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself.” – Wallace D. Wattles –

Do you believe this is true? Now that’s a rhetorical question! Of course this is true. The problem is we don’t think about it very often.

Don’t we all want to serve God and humanity by becoming the best we can be?

Have you given thought to what that looks like for you? Do you think about it everyday? Are you working towards it? Why not? If his statement is true, shouldn’t we be doing this?

The first thing, I think, would be to define what that looks like. From where you are right now, what does it look like for you to make the most of yourself? I met with a friend yesterday and it was so exciting to hear about his focus and how he plans to grow his business and literally change an industry that he recognizes needs to change. (Talk about rendering service!)

I was very impressed with the details he had thought through including even things like how to make the most of purchasing insurance for his operations.

The cool thing is, as I heard him describing it there was no doubt in my mind that he was going to accomplish it. And no doubt that he was going to serve society in a major way as he did. If we really think about it, as he creates success it means hiring more people, it means spending more money to purchase things and to utilize the services of others. It means rendering service to God and humanity…

Once we define and have a clear picture of what making the most of ourselves looks like, we take the journey of making it happen. Thinking about and taking steps towards it everyday. YOU can do it! YOU have what it takes!

For me one of the things it means is to lead a very successful independent insurance agency with a team of like minded and like valued servant leaders who together and in full support of each other utilize effective systems and procedures to deliver a consistent, world-class customer experience as we sell and service our customers with customized and cost effective insurance solutions.

And as I discover, develop and live into my potential, it also fuels my passion for helping others to do the same thing. And therefore it also means for me to build a very successful personal development company, utilizing various programs and resources to inspire and empower others to live into their potential.

What does it look like for you? Do you think about it every day?

P.S. – Save the date for a very special call – Monday June 5th 2017 at 7pm ET. More details to follow.

Robin Lewis


I buy into and have been a student of leadership for over 30 years. I am the president and Principal Agent of Robin Lewis Insurance, a full service Independent Insurance Agency. I'm also a member of the John Maxwell Team My passion is for life-long personal growth and to help others to do the same. Your comments are encouraged and welcomed here anytime!

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