How you show up makes all the difference

April 27, 2017 — Leave a comment

As a part of the Global Youth Initiative, yesterday, I spoke with the youth at a school and a church and shared a powerful message about Failing Forward, and the connection between failure and success. It was well received on both occasions.

As I connected with the groups I was amazed at the different levels of engagement each person brought to the meeting.

Some sat on the front row, very interested and plugged in from the get go and stayed with me for the entire time. Some waited to see what was going to happen and got more involved as we connected and some came there to take a break and couldn’t care less about what was being shared. And it reminded me of a very important lesson I learned from John Maxwell.

John was making the point that in order to become better leaders we should put ourselves in places and with people who will inspire us to become better leaders and when we have the opportunity for this, in essence, he said, how you show up makes all the difference.

Here are 5 points he shared to help you to make the most of that time:

  • Don’t spend the time. Invest the time. It should be 90% intentional and 10% accidental.
  • Take time for preparation on the front end and reflection on the back end.
  • Go with good questions
  • Don’t waste a great experience or a great conversation.
  • Always feel like you’re a beginner

There was no doubt in my mind who will get the most out of our time together yesterday and it challenged and inspired me to be more intentional about how I show up when I’m with my mentors or with people who have the fruit on the tree that I want to attract into my life.

When people get settled, it’s over. When you think you have arrived you haven’t arrived, you have just died. – John C. Maxwell.

How you show up makes all the difference.

Robin Lewis


I buy into and have been a student of leadership for over 30 years. I am the president and Principal Agent of Robin Lewis Insurance, a full service Independent Insurance Agency. I'm also a member of the John Maxwell Team My passion is for life-long personal growth and to help others to do the same. Your comments are encouraged and welcomed here anytime!

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