Change the input and change the outcome

February 4, 2013 — 2 Comments

I’ll never forget the drama tryout, I was only 10 or 11 years old, short, fat and had a big chip on my front tooth. To this day when I show my wife and daughter my school picture of that time, they both keel over in laughter. 

Be the change

I had a low self-image, was shy and fearful of what others thought, and as a result I did not give a good audition. I held back, could hardly open my mouth and didn’t give it my best shot. Needless to say, I didn’t make the team and lived with regret over that for a number of years. 

Looking back I realize that I had the desire to perform in front of people but allowed fear and low self-esteem to get in the way.  

Things started to change for me several years later when a customer of mine invited me to become affiliated with a network marketing organization.

The people involved were much further ahead in life than I was and had the trappings that I was attracted to.

But little did I know how life changing this experience would be. A few months after joining the business, we attended a leadership conference in Miami Beach and at the conference I made two of the most significant decisions of my life:

  1. I was inspired to develop a deeper relationship with God.
  2. I became a student of leadership and success

As a result, through the years I’ve learned from many successful business owners, authors and speakers, like Dennis Waitley, Zig Ziglar, Charlie Tremendous Jones, John Maxwell and Les Brown, to name a few. This became a life-long journey of learning, growing and changing. Listening to tapes/cd’s, reading books and attending seminars and conferences. 

I didn’t make much money in the network marketing business and will never forget the time I was audited by the IRS – they were challenging the expenses I deducted for training. The auditor tried to convince me that I was being duped and taken advantage of. That the only people benefitting from the large sum of money that I was investing in the tapes, books, seminars and conventions were the people producing and selling them. 

He was trying to persuade me to stop investing in my personal growth. And being young and naive at the time and having heard the same sentiment over and over and over again from my family and friends and now hearing it from the IRS, I was almost convinced… but so glad that I wasn’t.

Little did he know how much I was growing. That change was being made on the inside of me. He had the numbers in front of him, but didn’t realize how much my insurance business was growing because of what I was learning and applying. I became a better father, husband, son and brother, a better insurance agent and business owner. In other words, I became a better person because of being around and learning from these great people.

Today, I can give you hope, because I’m living testimony that if you change the input you will change the outcome.

I have continued on this journey and am especially excited about becoming an independent certified coach, teacher and speaker with the John Maxwell Team!

I’m eager to learn from the faculty and the rest of the team and continue to grow and change and help others to do the same, knowing that it’s the only way for us to reach our potential.

And I too like you, one day would like to hear our Heavenly Father say, well done! You have handled what I entrusted to you very well, now come and enjoy your father’s kingdom.

Robin Lewis


John Maxwell said, "Everything rises and falls on leadership". I buy into that and have been a student of leadership for over 25 years. I was born and raised in Jamaica and reside in South Florida with Edna, my beautiful wife of 25 years. We have one daughter and have gained a son, her husband. I am the president of Robin Lewis Insurance, a full service Independent Insurance Agency. My passion is to inspire and guide others into discovering and reaching their God-Given potential. This blog was created to support that cause. You can expect a new post every week on the topics of Leadership, Personal Development, Insurance Solutions and every now and again some Personal Thoughts. My hope is that we can encourage, strengthen and challenge each other. Your comments are encouraged and welcomed here anytime!

2 responses to Change the input and change the outcome

  1. Robin, I can say that I have SEEN and HEARD your growth. You do exemplify “if you change the input you will change the outcome”. You are an example to follow. I look forward coming to work everyday to work along side the man you are and the man you are becoming. Keep up the great work! I know that our Father already says, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

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