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The second of the 10 characteristics of a ‘Claim our Best’ attitude is:

An attitude of belief in ourselves!

Our thoughts feelings and actions say, I’m not here by accident. I am unique. There is no other ME in this world! Therefore I have something to offer that no one else does!

This belief in our uniqueness causes us to invest the time, resources and effort to identify what we’re really good at and passionate about. And to put ourselves out there and make a ruckus like nobody else can! So what if you’re different? It’s who you are and what you bring to the world that nobody else can duplicate.

My personal thoughts:

  1. I’m really good at connecting with people.
  2. I’m a good writer and communicator.
  3. I’m an encourager.
  4. I’m a good learner.
  5. Much of my learning has been around developing our human potential.
  6. I believe in our infinite potential.
  7. It’s easy for me to see how we’re all connected and need each other.
  8. I’m a good leader.
  9. I want to champion a great cause.
  10. I’m passionate about seeing others rise above their limited thinking and limited self-beliefs and ‘Claim Their Best’.

What are you really good at and passionate about?

Are you putting yourself out there?

It’s been said that the content of your life is the curriculum for your growth.

Where we are right now. What we’re faced with. The obstacles, difficulties, opportunities and victories and how we deal with them determine our growth and whether we go to the next level or not. 

How we deal with difficulty and crisis can either springboard our leadership forward and upward or spiral it downward and backward. The choice is ours. People are taking note. Some of the greatest movements got their start or picked up great momentum in the midst of a crisis or really bad circumstances. 

I have found that clarity of and commitment to keep moving in the direction of my faith, my purpose, and my values is key to maneuvering through life’s tests successfully. 

The more clearly they are defined and the more vivid a picture I paint, hold and believe and the more discipline and perseverance I apply the more successful I become at passing life’s tests.  

The question is where am I placing my faith, what is my purpose, what are my values and to what end am I applying discipline and perseverance?

The formula works for passing or failing depending on where we place the emphasis.

Understanding who and whose we are and his faithfulness to us makes all the difference.

The most common way to deal with the future is to try to predict it. To be in the right place at the right time with the right skills or investments.

A far more successful and reliable approach is to invent the future. Not all of it, just a little part. But enough to make a difference.

This well written and powerful truth is a reprint of Seth Godin’s blog.

I believe in you and what you bring to this world!

Bring it!!!


I said to my staff the other day. We’re doing a great job at maintaining. And I meant it! We stopped to acknowledge the clarity and efficiency of our workflows, the proactive approach we’re taking and therefore the greater attention we’re providing to our customers and other improvements we have made to increase our retention levels.

But I also said, let’s recognize that if we’re doing superbly well at maintaining, it still means that we’re going backwards. 

There is really no such thing as maintaining. Insurance policies are going to drop off. – People move, sell their homes, get married or divorced, close or sell their business. People die, etc etc. In addition, rates go down or we make adjustments to policies which lower the rates. If we’re only maintaining, it really means we’re going backwards. 

What I asked them to do is to be in growth mode. We all need to be thinking and doing the things that will cause us to grow. 

It starts with having a growth mindset!

I asked them to join me in shifting our mindset from one of maintenance to one of growth. It really is easier to be in a growth mode with momentum on our side than when we are trying to maintain our position. 

I realize this to be true even when I try to maintain my weight. It’s harder to maintain it than when I’m trying to lose weight. When my goal is to maintain, the tendency is I put on and then have to take off weight again over and over and it becomes like the yo yo effect, with my weight going up and down and over time I usually end up putting on more than I lose.

With our teams, everybody can get involved in this. You don’t have to be a salesperson to be in a growth mode. As you add value to people in whatever capacity you serve you will gain influence with them and can ask them about their other business or find other ways to contribute towards making growth happen.

A great example is we have many customers who have their home insured with us but not their auto. We can change that by asking about their auto insurance more often.

We have many personal lines customers I’m sure, who have businesses or who make insurance buying decisions for their company and they’re not doing that with us. What about their boats, jet skis motorcycles and RV’s. I wonder how many of our customers have these insured elsewhere?

It’s a mindset. But it also makes good business sense! Think of the business we’re missing out on!

To be in growth mode in our case means placing additional policies with our customers. It means finding out more about them and implementing more ways of getting them engaged with us. It means growing and cementing the relationship. If we’re doing so well for them on their existing coverages we should be asking them for their other policies. We should be asking for referrals and everybody can get involved in that.  

What does being in growth mode mean for you?

Maintaining or going backwards?